"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK Student Pledge

I will Learn * as much as I can
Because I understand * that college is my destiny
I will bring * to this school the best of me
I am * the author of my life story
I am * responsible for my actions
I am * responsible for my choices
I am * responsible for my work
I have purpose * because I am great
Greatness is who I am
I am Great * all the time
All the time * I am great.

Who are we and what’s the rule?
M-L-K Charter School;
Excellence and Character,
That is what we’re striving for;
Martin Luther King Junior,
Is who our school is named after;
So believe in you, I believe in me,
Be-loved Community;
With Honesty,
and Service;
and Service!

Dr. King’s dream lives on in me
Together united we hold the key
In what we say, think, and do
We bring to life our school values.
With friendly words we persevere
Our school grows stronger year to year
We work hard to achieve our goal
Through honesty and self control.
Hearts and minds in unity…
Build beloved community