"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Extensive research proves that the better attendance children have in elementary school, the more likely they are to graduate from high school and continue on to college. It is our goal as a beloved academic community to have our students begin their successful academic career with us.  We are committed as a school to helping our students to be as successful as they can be. Below is our attendance policy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the school social worker.

Number of Absences

Follow Up



Phone call home

Must speak with school staff (Social Worker, Student Advocate)


Letter home

Signed letter must be returned


In School meeting

Signed contract agreeing to improve attendance


Letter home

Child will be considered for retention


Letter and Call home

Report will be made to Department of Children and Families regarding attendance.


MLK Charter School defines an excessive absence to mean that the total number of absences is greater than the number of months school has been in session. Absences are excluded from this definition when documented by a secondary source, such as a doctor’s office, court, obituary, or verification of religious affiliation. 

Excused absences may include only the following:

  • Student illness or disability
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Student’s court appearance
  • Observance of religious holy day
  • Personal or family crisis
  • School-related function approved in advance
  • Medical, dental and psychological appointments
  • Other extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the administration 

When a child is absent for more than 2 consecutive days, MLK Charter School requires secondary documentation, such as a doctor’s note, a copy of the obituary, or verification of religious affiliation. 

If the school receives no timely communication from a parent/guardian regarding the nature of the absence(s), the absence(s) will be marked as ANI (absent no information) until sufficient information is received to determine whether the absence is excused. 

When a student suffers from a chronic illness and presents a doctor’s note, the administration will treat the student’s absences on a case-by-case basis. 

Whenever possible, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will notify MLK Charter School when their child is going to be absent. Pre-arranged absence does not imply approval of the reason for the absence.

Out-of-school suspensions are counted as excused absences.