"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


MLK Scholar 100% Vision*

Scholar Behavior during Lessons and Work Time

  • Scholars make eye contact when adult is speaking 1:1 (all students).
  • Scholars track the teacher whenever the teacher calls for attention.
  • Scholars track other Scholars who are speaking while at desks or on the rug.
  • Scholars sit in STAR (Sit up straight, Track the speaker, Ask and Answer questions, and Raise a silent hand) with a straight back on the rug and on the carpet. This means that heads down on desks, tables, or on the rug is an unacceptable behavior unless a precise direction was given by a teacher to do this.
  • Scholars maintain their hands folded on top of the desk and in their lap while looking around the room to track.
  • Scholars keep their hands in their lap and to themselves while at their desks or on the rug.
  • Scholars are silent when the teacher is speaking.
  • Scholars are silent during Independent Practice (i.e. You Do).
  • Scholars that do not complete the necessary assignment regardless of reason (barring emergencies such as blood or vomit) make up the time wasted by completing the assignment during their own time (e.g. Snack, Lunch, Recess, Choice Time, etc.)
  • Scholars help all of their teammates participate in lessons by avoiding distractions or avoiding the temptation to create a distraction for others.
  • Scholars are held accountable for completing any and all work given during any instructional or non-instructional period in the day.
  • Scholars use pencils or pens to complete any written work in class.
  • Scholars write their name and date on each written assignment.
  • Scholars’ written work is neat and fully complete after every class period (according to classroom or school rubric expectation for each grade level).

Scholar Behavior when Participating or Speaking to Others

  • Scholars make eye contact with a partner/teacher during a turn and talk/participating on the rug or at desk
  • Scholars participate in class or in turn and talks by using a speaking voice.
  • Scholars raise a vertical hand to participate without being reminded.
  • Scholars put their hand back in STAR when another scholar is called on.
  • Scholars participate in all choral response opportunities.
  • Scholars respond with a Y/N non-verbal when asked.
  • Scholars respond to other calls to attention.
  • Scholars use appropriate, school language and correct grammar (with teacher guidance).
  • Scholars speak loud and proud when called on.
  • Scholars answer in a complete sentence with attempt to rephrase question.
  • Scholars use and allow others to use think time at school.
  • Scholars use the words please and thank you to others.

Scholar Behavior in the Hallway

  • Scholars walk in an MLK line (Hands by your side, Eyes Forward, Walking Feet, Zero Voice).
  • Scholars walk in an MLK line whenever they are in school and dismissing.
  • Scholars respond immediately to verbal and nonverbal reminders to improve/remain like an MLK scholar.

Scholar Behavior Relating to Urgency

  • Scholars know what to do if they lose their place in line.
  • Scholars walk briskly and like an MLK Scholar individually.
  • Scholars jump to it when directed by a teacher.
  • Scholars use the bathroom quickly and quietly to keep the loss of learning time minimal.
  • Scholars transition in 30 seconds or less in class.  

Scholar Organization and Responsibility

  • Scholars put papers inside the correct folder without crumpling them.
  • Scholars keep desk materials inside the desk.
  • Scholars keep desk materials (such as pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue) in a pouch or box.
  • Scholars keep a neat and organized desk based on the classroom’s desk policy.
  • Scholars bring homework back and forth from home to school daily.
  • Scholars take school jobs seriously or lose their school jobs.
  • Scholars wear the full MLK uniform.
  • Scholars use a neutral face when corrected anonymously or given a direction.
  • Scholars practice routines such as MLK Line, STAR, or any other behaviors or procedures during their own time as needed.
  • Scholars work towards solving problems independently.
  • Scholars ask for help when they are unsure of what to complete or do next.

*Adapted from Troy Prep and adopted by MLK.

November 2016 - State Representative Carlos Gonzalez spoke to grade 5 students about the importance of education. (Pictured with Rep. Gonzalez are grade 5 teachers April Robinson & Garth Bariffe along with the school's executive director, Lan Katz.